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Supported Services

TiKaani Kards

Do you frequently get stopped about your dog or asked what your disability is? A challenge handlers face is the additional attention their dog brings, and the need to not be rude to bystanders. A way to educate a person and have them give you space is through our TiKaani Kards that have a special QR code for people to look up and learn more about your dog. You can design the TiKaani Kards for your needs. You can share any information or have a FAQs section.

Training Logs

It is recommended that service dogs undergo 120 hrs of training over 6 months or more (IAADP requirements) and be trained for public access. Documentation of the training will be beneficial for training support or legal support. Wolfie WD provides cloud storage space for your videos and notes for public access.

Training Tools/Dog Supplies

Dogs are expensive, especially service dogs. If you need training tools such as leashes, patches, vests, etc. we would be happy to provide them free of charge. We can also provide grooming supplies, bowls, etc depending on your needs. Feel free to reach out to find out more!